The First Date: Part II

The Lo-down…

He was a very nice guy.  Really trying to think of something else to write, but he didn’t really have much to offer.  To be fair there was a language barrier.  He spoke very good English, but we were not on the same level humour wise.  Some things he didn’t get probably because of the culture difference.  But I think there was also no connection between us.  I made him laugh, but I can’t say much for the other way round.  Thinking about it, maybe he was laughing at me.

Half way through my drink he held onto my hand.  You know that thing guys do when they take hold of your hand and just play with it.  Yeah kind of weird when you try and put it into words.  But to be fair it did feel kind of nice.  Maybe it was because it was a bit chilly and he was heating me up.  Anyway this hand stroking thing really works, he’s starting to look more attractive.  But no I can’t focus on what he’s talking about.  All I can think about is what do I do with my hand?  Keeping it still just felt weird, but I couldn’t clench my fist and I was definitely not going to play with his hand-it was only our first date.  I am not comfortable with the whole playful handholding thing in public, so I just let him continue to warm up my hands.

We then went for a walk.  It was chilly but I thought it would be nice.  See where things lead.  They didn’t really lead anywhere.  After ten minutes of again forced chat we were approaching a station I could get on at.  What was this boys intentions?  We were walking towards his flat (well I said I could get on at a different station in order to walk that way), yet I felt no attraction whatsoever-no matter how hard I tried.  So approaching the station I declared the date over.  He did sneak in a cheeky kiss.  I went with it as I wanted to find him attractive as he was so nice, but nothing, I felt nothing.

Post date thoughts…

I don’t know whether I will see him again.  If he asks me out again I think I will say yes.  Sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable with people, for him he was meeting a new person in a new place.  So perhaps one more go will tell me for sure whether there is anything worth pursuing.

For now back to replying to my other guys who have been messaging me throughout the date.  One asks what I’ve been up to this evening.  I feel that telling the whole truth may not have been the best move.  So I went with ‘casual drinks’.  Not a lie but also not letting him know I was out on a date with another guy.  I don’t know why I felt the need to hide this.  He was probably doing the exact same thing.  But being proper, I followed social etiquette so at least on the surface both of us were none the wiser.

Lots of Love


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