No. 2: it’s a tall order

On route to date with suitor No. 2…

Just realised my hands are so dry and my annoyingly oversized bag has next to nothing in it which means I’ll be avoiding any handholding.

What’s more imminent of a problem is I have no idea how tall he is. My go to shoes give me a bit of height and I’m already pretty tall so let’s hope he’s of a decent height (not that there is a decent. But you know).

He looks like a tall person in his pictures but the last guy I talked to looked really tall. Luckily height came up in the conversation. He said he was 5’9″ish. ISH. He only said that because I’m 5’9″. That means he’s 5’7″.  I liked talking to him so I still might meet him. But at least I know to wear my flattest shoes and I’ll have to arrange to meet him somewhere where trainers are acceptable. Hence my current predicament. Where we are going doesn’t seem like a trainers place. Therefore my only options are these clunky boots which look good but do make me fairly tall.  Anyway there’s nothing I can do about that now. Worst comes to the worst we sit down ASAP.

I’m actually more nervous for this date than the last one.  I’m still not used to this whole meeting a guy who you’ve never met before thing.  Maybe one day it will feel normal.

Lots of Love



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