No.2 Part II

Post date…

He’s 6’3″!! I was so happy when I walked up to the guy who was taller than me even in my chunky boots.  He kept going on about how he was 6’3″ I mean I could see you were tall.  I don’t need metric you to remind me of the statistics!

It actually went really well.  He chose such a good place for a first date, the right mix of cosy and classy.  After that we left to find another place.  Which was a bad move it was hard to beat the first place and we ended up in some pub where we had to stand in a corner, with me awkwardly holding my coat.  But we had a nice walk which wasn’t too uncomfortable.  It was easy holding his hand and chatting.  A few silences but it was a first date, I couldn’t really be expecting class banter.  Or maybe I just have low expectations from my last date?

The problem I had with him was that he asked permission to kiss me.  I mean it was polite but not very romantic or sexy.  Surely it’s better to lead up so it’s obvious its coming, don’t want to completely blindsight someone, give them a chance to refuse.  But did he really have to point out what a romantic spot it was and ask whether we could have our first kiss there?  Personally that approach wasn’t for me, but maybe some girls would have liked that he was so considerate.

Lots of Love



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