It’s a Tall Order

I am tall.  Not giant status but still tall enough to audition for America’s Next Top Model (I might not have anything else but I have the height).

I hate to be picky about appearance but I do have an issue with height.  Guys don’t have to be ridiculously tall (but it definitely helps).

I’ve tried to make it obvious on profiles by having a picture with my friend where I am significantly taller than her.  But I don’t know if people pick up on this.

Even if they did realise-what if they are into me being tall.  But they’re not tall.  I have a friend who really hasn’t got the hint (by hint I mean literally in actual words turning him down).  But he still gives me awkward hugs and honestly if we were together I would feel like more of a parent than a partner.  Am I being really shallow?  I met this guy sitting down and wasn’t attracted to him before I knew that he was half my size (this is no exaggeration).  But it got me thinking…

Yes I think I am shallow.  But how do I approach this.  Do I outright say only tall guys need apply.  I mean I hate having a tick list.  But it works both ways.  Some guys aren’t into tall girls, I have to deal with that and I guess I understand as as much as I try I couldn’t date someone much smaller than me.  I’m not a sloucher, but I suppose for the right guy, you never know.

Lots of Love



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