And after the act…?

So I am sure many people have been in that awkward situation of deciding whether to stay round someones after spending an evening together (if you know what I mean).  But once you’ve made that decision and you are wrapped up in each others bodies can you quit it early?

Often I can be at home alone in bed, freezing and the idea of another warm body in my bed sounds like a great idea.  Then it happens, you stay round someones and it seems like you’ve got what you wanted.  Well until you’re sweating all over each other and can’t sleep so the night goes on forever.

I definitely get the whole cuddling after sex thing.  Don’t get me wrong it can be nice.  But do you really have to be wrapped up in each other all night?  You break away think you have some freedom and somehow his chest is against your back and his arm is on top of you weighing you down.

Maybe I should have just left when it got ridiculously hot, but then I would have had to trek it home in the early hours and also that just seems weird to me.  Is it not acceptable just to sleep next to each other without being fully cocooned?

Is there some kind of after casual sex etiquette that I’m unaware of.  Last time I didn’t stay over-maybe that was my mistake, I should have just left.

Lots of love,



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