Gut Instinct

I was messaging a guy and I knew we weren’t on the same level.  He had succumbed to the boringness of adulthood whereas I was looking for someone with a more child like and creative perspective.  I’m a dreamer, I’m a writer I like to be imaginative and have massive hypothetical debates or create a world of fiction and discuss what should happen.

His chat up line was ‘Guess what I found?’…’A time machine that I can only use once’…this is it, amazing conversation starter now we can debate about where we would be going on our adventure.  But he had a different idea: ‘back to before you got tinder so I can meet you in real life.’  I mean yeah I’ve heard worse but come on I asked where you would go and the limitations of this device and he ignored the direction I was taking the conversation in.  He wasn’t reading my reply to reply he was waiting to regurgitate this awful chat up line.  What I don’t get is that a chat up line is a way to start a conversation, we could have had an epic conversation, but he shut me down.

The fact he didn’t take me up on this proposed adventure should have warned me off but I was taken in by his great credentials, on paper and in a photo he looked perfect.  I didn’t want to base my entire opinion on him from the way he reacted to one comment.  Maybe he was proud of that line and wanted to get in the end of it?

What I’ve learnt is that on tinder and I’m sure other forms virtual dating you can afford to be picky.  If you haven’t met them you can’t lose them and if there are already bad signs maybe it’s just best to steer clear.  There are plenty more people out there that will wait to disappoint you in person, if they disappoint you before hand they’re making your life easier, so read the signs.

Lots of Love



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